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What is a body scan?

A simple way to reduce stress and anxiety is to return to our bodies.  We can do this by practicing a body scan.  A body scan is simply the process of bringing one’s awareness to the body.  We use the mind like a flashlight, gently shining our attention on different parts of the body, not trying to change or judge what we find, but rather, allowing bodily sensations to be as they are.  A body scan be done laying down, sitting in a chair, or standing up, and it is fine to move any part of the body you’d like to as you become aware of it.  It is important to be comfortable.  Some people find that a guided body scan can be helpful.  You can download a guided body scan from the standing position below.

Payment Instructions:

After you pay, you will have immediate access to the body scan audio which you can listen to on your computer or download an mp3 file which you can burn to a cd or play on your ipod.  The body scan is $4.95.