Body Scan

Body Scan

We spend a lot of time in our minds, thinking, worrying, planning, fantasizing, and re-playing past events.  Another way to say this is we live our lives from our minds, often at a great cost- the present moment.  Our minds of course are important- a mind without thought is dead.  However, our thinking has become out of balance with the other abilities, gifts, and processes that we are capable of.  We have forgotten our bodies, our intuition, and our sense perceptions.  We have lost access to the fullness, richness, and wholeness of ourselves.  The result of this is stress, anxiety, depression, rage, and low self-esteem, and the irony is no amount of thinking is going to help.  We need to put our attention somewhere else- and a good place to start is the body.

When you  pay attention to your body, you become able to:

  • Take better care of yourself, knowing when to rest, eat, move, stretch, etc… Having this awareness helps you remain healthy and injury free.
  • Consciously relax, reducing stress and anxiety
  • Know what you are feeling, which improves communication
  • Listen to the wisdom of your body, informing you about life decisions and choices
  • Feel more confident

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The Body Scan:

Doing a body scan daily is a good way to practice paying attention to the body.  When you do a body scan, you bring your attention to different parts of your body, and feel the sensations (or lack of sensations) in each part.  Start with your head, and slowly work your way down, pausing to feel your forehead, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, jaw, throat, shoulders, chest, stomach, arms, hands, fingers, hips, legs, knees, feet, and toes.  As you bring your awareness to each part of the body, don’t judge or try to change what you feel- rather, let the sensations be as they are.

Some people find it helpful to be led in a guided body scan.  I have 2 body scans available for download.  You can purchase one for $4.99 or both for the discounted rate of $7.99.  Once you pay you will be re-directed to a download page by clicking on the return to site link if you use a credit card- if you use pay pal you will be directed automatically.  You can then upload the body scan onto your ipod or mp3 player or listen to it on your computer.  Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Body Scan for the Standing Position:$4.99

This is a great practice to do outdoors, after exercising, or when taking a break from work.


Body Scan for the Lying Down Position: $4.99

This body scan is especially useful for people that have trouble sleeping or relaxing.


Purchase Both and save 20%:only $7.99